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Final Update For Google Play Music Lets You Permanently Hide The App

It seems like the time has come for Google Play Music to pack its bags and bid-adieu to the Android world. Because in a recent development, the final update for the Google Play Music allows users to permanently hide the app.

In mid-March, Google removed the ability to download their Play Music data via Takeout. Since the ability is now gone, there is no sense in keeping Google Play Music app alive.

As reported by 9to5Google, the final update arrives with version 8.29.9112-1.W via Google Play that shows a message “Google Play Music is no longer available.” Besides, the screen prompts you to “Explore YouTube Music.

Good thing is that for users wondering how they can get rid of their Google Play Music local data, there is a new “Free up space” section.

Apart from this, there is a “Hide app” button, tapping on which shows a message that reads, “Google Play Music will no longer show on your homepage or all apps view.

Once the confirmation is done, the Google Play Music app will not appear on your home screen or app drawer. Meaning that you can no longer use or open it.

Users who have already migrated to YouTube Music need to download the update

As a precautionary measure, users who have already migrated their data over to YouTube Music are also required to download the update.

Well, it is needed because the update is the only way to permanently hide the app. For users who don’t own a smartphone that allows you to uninstall the Google Play Music app, this update is of no use to them.

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Talking about Google Pixel devices, owners of Pixel 3 or earlier have Play Music as a default app. For them, only disabling from the “App info” page was an option.

Such users may have already removed the app from their phones. This update is of importance for users who cannot remove the app. They can simply install the update, tap the “Hide app” or “Delete all local data” button to get rid of Play Music for good.

This is a good thing that Google has finally taken the call to get rid of Play Music because they already have a YouTube Music app that essentially does the same job.

In fact, it is better in most cases. So, here is a final goodbye to the Google Play Music app that was launched back in 2011, as a music streaming app.

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