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Find Out What Android Phones Are Most Used In North America

If you’ve been wondering what Android devices are most used in North America, well, this new report has you covered. The latest report from Cujo AI reveals such information for both iOS and Android devices, in fact.

The company analyzed one billion “connected devices” in North America between January 2020 and April 2021. It did that in order to get a detailed report on what devices are being most popular, when it comes to active usage. The information here applies for both the US and Canada.

Find out what Android phones are most used in North America

Before we get down to details, it’s worth noting that iOS is more popular in North America. That is not surprising, though. Based on the chart released by the source, iOS is being used by 69.75-percent of users, while Android is holding 30.07-percent of the market. Other smart operating systems have accounted for 0.18-percent of the market.

That being said, the source did release detailed charts of usage per device. You can see both of those charts in the gallery below, as iOS and Android devices are separated. The most popular device overall is the iPhone 11, with 14.07-percent of the market.

That handset is followed by the iPhone XR, iPhone 7, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. Quite a few other devices on the list are iOS devices, before we get to Android phones.

The Galaxy S9 is the most popular Android device, at least in regards to active usage

The most popular Android device is the Galaxy S9, as 2.7-percent of users seem to be actively using it. It is followed by the Galaxy A10e with 2.61-percent, and Amazon Fire 7 (2019) with 2.52-percent of users. That is a bit odd, but there you have it.

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The fourth device on the Android side of things is the Galaxy A20, with 2.12-percent, and it’s followed by the Galaxy S10 with 2.09-percent. The Galaxy S8 is sixth-placed on the Android list, with 1.97-percent, and it’s followed by the LG Stylo 6 (1.9-percent).

When it comes to wearables, well, Apple rules the market in that area as well. A staggering 93.67-percent of users are actively using Apple’s wearables. Samsung is second-placed with 3.97-percent, and it’s followed by Fitbit (1.93-percent), Garmin (0.29-percent), and Fossil (0.07-percent).

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