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Finland’s SGS Fimko Revealed Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery & Charging Support

While we are still a few months away from unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the device’s battery capacity and charging support are leaked.

Samsung is working on the next generation of its Galaxy watch, and it will make its first debut several months later. To date, some information about Galaxy Watch 4 has been leaked. However, the most significant change is using Google WearOS instead of Samsung’s exclusive OS Tizen.

Using WearOS is a weird move by Samsung. Because the Korean company had a heavy investment in Tizen OS, and it was hoped to make it a competitor to Google WearOS.

Anyway, now we have some more information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. According to 91mobiles, there are two model numbers for the device: SM-R865F and SM-R860. These model numbers are different from the previous models that leaked weeks ago. Maybe it is because Samsung has various model numbers for different markets.

Moreover, the device features a 247mAh battery, and it supports 5W charging. This information is obtained from SGS Fimko Testing and Certification Services.

Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed the sizes for the Galaxy Watch 4. But maybe we can guess the watch size from the battery capacity. For it, we need to have a flashback to the previous generation.

The 41mm variant of Galaxy Watch 3 came out with a 240mAh battery, and the 45mm variant had a 340mAh battery. So, it’s quite anticipated that the 41mm variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will feature a 247mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 ships in two sizes

As we are getting closer to the launch date, more specifications are surfacing online. Weeks ago, some sources reported that the Galaxy Watch 4 would ship in 41mm and 45mm sizes. To date, two different reports have confirmed the 41mm size for the Samsung smartwatch.

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Also, Samsung is reportedly planning to launch the Watch Active 4. This model will launch in 39mm and 43mm variants.

In addition to the radical change of using WearOS instead of Tizen, Samsung may decide to launch the next generation of its smartwatch with a new design. However, the design shape is still unknown, and we haven’t seen any leaked images of it yet.

Moreover, the Q2 2021 has been noted as the launch time of Galaxy Watch 4. The Korean company is now working to meet the deadline. For more information, it’s better to keep our eyes on upcoming leaks from tipsters or company’s announcements.

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