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Firesprite Joins PlayStation As Its Latest Game Studio

Sony has acquired yet another game studio to place under its PlayStation umbrella with the acquisition of Firesprite. A Liverpool-based gaming studio that has worked with Sony before on PlayStation VR titles like Playroom VR.

In fact, many of the team members at Firesprite came from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Liverpool studio. So everything is coming full circle as Sony brings Firesprite into the fold and welcomes back these team members. On top of all that, Sony is looking to hire more people for Firesprite to work on future PlayStation projects. Likely including new PS VR titles and some titles for the PS5.

At current, Firesprite has 250 team members. But that number is due to grow in the near future as the studio seeks new talent.

Firesprite is the 14th PlayStation studio under Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony has been on a hiring spree of late. Bolstering its ranks for future game titles to come. While none of its acquisitions have been as high profile as Microsoft’s purchase of Zenimax, which owns Bethesda, they have been strategic and carefully thought out.

Earlier this year Sony purchased House Marquee. The studio behind the smash hit PS5 title Returnal. The day after, it announced its acquisition of Nixxes Software. A studio that specializes in porting console games to the PC platform.

Now, its bringing on Firesprite which seems to specialize in VR. Though that won’t necessarily be the breadth of its work going forward. There is a mighty good chance though that Sony is looking to enlist Firesprite to work on at least some titles for the upcoming 2nd generation of the PlayStation VR headset. Which the company announced earlier this year.

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More studios to come

Sony’s PlayStation studio purchases aren’t over. The company is also poised to acquire Bluepoint which developed the Demon’s Souls remake for PS5. As of now the announcement isn’t official.

But back at the end of June a tweet meant to announce the House Marquee deal accidentally leaked an image that Sony uses for its studio acquisition announcements, which had the Bluepoint logo on it. Along with the words “Welcome To The Family.” So an announcement is most certainly imminent.

In regards to Firesprite, Sony’s Head Of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst says that the team’s “technical and creative capabilities will be paramount to growing PlayStation’s stellar catalogue of exclusive games.” Further noting that he thinks fans will be excited for what’s on the horizon.

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