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First official real-life OnePlus 9 Pro shown off in new teaser ad

  • A new teaser ad from OnePlus shows off a real-life OnePlus 9 Pro for the first time.
  • The ad centers on the photography capabilities of the 9 Pro, which appears to be the company’s big selling point for the device.
  • Incidentally, the ad promotes the Hasselblad partnership and OnePlus’ work with artists Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer.

Earlier this week, OnePlus showed off a render of its upcoming Pro-level flagship phone. Today, the company is taking things one step further by showing off a real-life version of that phone within a new teaser ad.

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The 15-second ad, which we’ve mirrored below, promotes the photography capabilities of the OnePlus 9 Pro. The company gave the phone to the photography team Cooper & Gorfer (Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer). The video shows them using the 9 Pro to photograph a colorful scene while a voiceover remarks about how important color accuracy is for photography. At the end, you can see a few shots that are labeled as coming from the 9 Pro.

Check out the ad for yourself below.

Official OnePlus 9 Pro video teaser

The ad’s focus on color profiles relates directly to OnePlus’ earlier announcement regarding its Hasselblad partnership. The first area of concern for that partnership revolves around color accuracy. The so-called Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad feature within the 9-series could offer better color accuracy than OnePlus’ competitors. Obviously, we’ll need to test this out for ourselves before we can back that claim.

So far, almost all of OnePlus’ big reveals related to the 9-series revolve around the photography capabilities specific to the OnePlus 9 Pro. It’s an interesting strategy as it appears to be putting all its eggs in one basket, as it were. Hopefully, that strategy doesn’t turn around to bite it since its smartphone cameras have been one of the consistent sore spots for the brand.

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OnePlus will formally launch the OnePlus 9 Pro and the other two expected entries in the 9-series on March 23.

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