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First Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone Appears In Real-Life Images

The very first foldable smartphone from Xiaomi has just appeared in real-life images. Do note that this is not a finished product, though, as it lacks the camera module, and the main display at this point.

These images do reveal the design of the phone, though, and give us the best look at the device thus far. Xiaomi is tipped to announce three foldable smartphones this year, and this is expected to become the first one.

First Xiaomi foldable smartphone appears in real-life images, hinting at a familiar design

As you can see, Xiaomi is planning to go for a similar approach to design as Samsung. Its first foldable smartphone will resemble the Galaxy Z Fold 2, as it will fold inwards, like a book.

The phone’s main display will be well-protected when the phone is folded. A large secondary display will be included on the outside. The phone will be made out of metal and glass, while it seems like three cameras will be placed on the back.

This smartphone will be released under the ‘Mi MIX’ brand. You can clearly see that branding in one of the images provided below the article. We’re not sure what name exactly will the company use, though.

At this point, it’s also not clear what specifications will Xiaomi use. This phone will likely come with rather powerful specs. Xiaomi may opt to include good mid-range specs, or go for high-end ones, the latter option is more likely.

Xiaomi is expected to release three foldable smartphones this year

The company is rumored to release three foldables this year, and each of them will feature a different design. That is, at least, what the rumors are saying. Xiaomi may release an equivalent to the Galaxy Z Flip as well, and maybe even an outwards-folding foldable smartphone as well.

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We’re hoping that Xiaomi will be able to undercut Samsung and Huawei when it comes to the pricing of this smartphone. Xiaomi is usually very price-conscious, so let’s hope the same will be the case with its very first foldable smartphone.

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