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Fix For ‘Hey Google’ Detection Issue On Wear OS Is Rolling Out

After months of waiting, Google last month finally acknowledged the “Hey Google” issue on Wear OS watches and said that it’s working on a fix. It appears the company is now starting to roll out the said fix.

A Redditor with an Oppo Watch has posted a short video on the Wear OS subreddit, showing the “Hey Google” command working again (via Android Police). The feature is also seemingly working for some other users with Fossil Gen 5 and Gen 3 watches. Some users claim that conversational actions are also working fine now. However, many others say none of this is functioning for them yet.

For some users, meanwhile, the “Hey Google” command does wake the Google Assistant but results are still broken. The Assistant apparently reverts with “Check these images I found on the internet” when asked, ” What’s the temperature now?”. Worse yet, there are no images to see but just a “Show All” text in the middle.

One of the users, for whom the “Hey Google” command is functional, says they are using version of the Google app. However, this version of the Google app isn’t seemingly rolling out widely yet, as one user said they are running version of the app and have no updates available on the Play Store. One more user has claimed that the feature is working after updating the Google app, while some others have no luck. It appears it’s all happening over a server-side update.

Google app update seemingly fixes the “Hey Google” issue on Wear OS watches for some users

Wear OS smartwatch users have been complaining about the “Hey Google” hotword detection not working for them for quite some time now. One glance at the complaints on online forums reveals that the issue has been around since at least June 2020. The issue affected devices from pretty much every OEM.

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Months passed and there seemed to be no fix in sight. However, Google gave everyone a glimpse of hope last month when it finally acknowledged the issue. The company said it is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

A couple of weeks have passed and there’s still no follow-up on that from Google. However, it appears the company may have finally resolved the issue and is starting to roll out a fix to the users. We will likely see a wide rollout in the coming weeks after the new firmware passes through initial tests. Keep checking for new updates for the Google app, as well as your Wear OS watch and Google Play Service. Also, make sure that you don’t have the feature turned off to save battery life.

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