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Galaxy S22 Ua Aluminum Mold Appears To Confirm Key Design Details

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ua leaked a couple of times thus far. The best look at the device gave us leaked CAD-based renders. Well, a new leak just popped up, showing the aluminum mold of the Galaxy S22 Ua.

The Galaxy S22 Ua aluminum mold basically confirms key design aspects

This comes from website, and it does exactly give us a look at the final product, far from it. This is just an aluminum mold dummy, but it does confirm key design details, though. It confirms that those CAD renders were accurate, pretty much.

As you can see, the Galaxy S22 Ua will look different than the S22 and S22+. Its top and bottom sides will be completely flat. The back and front will be curved towards the sides, and also proportional at the same time.

The power / lock button will sit on the right, below the volume up and down buttons. The phone’s rear camera setup will be located in the top-left corner. There is a chance that the phone’s camera island will be separated in the final model, right down the middle, but we’ll see.

The S Pen dock will be included in the final product

One thing you will notice here is that there is no S Pen dock. Well, don’t let that worry you, as this is just an aluminum mold, and they don’t usually show details like those. The final Galaxy S22 Ua design will include an S Pen dock, and the S Pen, almost certainly.

The Galaxy S22 Ua will become official in either January or February, depending on which rumor you end up believing. Most of them said January, but the latest rumor says that the Galaxy S21 FE may arrive in January, and the Galaxy S22 series in February.

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WE’ll get two variants of the Galaxy S22 Ua, one will be fueled by a Snapdragon chip, and the other with an Exynos SoC. That is, at least, what is rumored. That Exynos chip will include an AMD GPU, for the first time ever. More information will probably leak soon.

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