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Galaxy S22 Ua Design Depicted By A Concept Smartphone Designer: Video

The Concept Creator has published a new design on YouTube, in collaboration with Letsgodigital. It uploaded the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ua concept design, but that’s essentially the Galaxy S22 Ua design.

This Galaxy S22 Ua concept design shows what an actual phone will look like

We’re not really sure why is this concept design titled the “Galaxy Note 22 Ua”, as it’s essentially showing the leaked design of the Galaxy S22 Ua, and the images themselves say “Galaxy S22 Ua”, but there you go.

The Galaxy Note 22 Ua was the rumored name for the Galaxy S22 Ua, but it seems like Samsung won’t use it. Well, at least based on the latest report. There is still a slight chance that may happen, so maybe that’s why that’s the title.

In any case, you can see a phone with flat top and bottom sides here, and a seemingly proportional design. The S Pen silo is accessible from the bottom of the design, bottom-left side.

At the bottom, you’ll also notice a Type-C USB port, and the main speaker grille, along with a microphone. This phone has a centered display camera hole at the top of its display, and a curved display.

The phone is envisioned to be made out of metal and glass, while two different variants are shown here. One of them has a single camera island on the back, while the other has two of them. They’re basically the same, but the second interaction is showing a part of it separated.

Samsung will likely use one of these two design iterations

Those are the two rumored designs for the Galaxy S22 Ua, actually. The tipsters are still not sure which one will Samsung end up using. It’s a small detail, though, and it doesn’t really make for a big difference.

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The designer mentions a 6.8-inch curved AMOLED display for this smartphone. A 108-megapixel main camera is also mentioned, along with a 12-megapixel uawide one, a 12-megapixel telephoto one, and a periscope unit (3x and 10x optical zoom). Those are Samsung’s possible and probable choices for the Galaxy S22 Ua.

The Galaxy S22 Ua will become official in either January or February, depending on which rumor you choose to believe. At the moment, a February launch date seems more likely.

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