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Galaxy S23 Series May Get Bigger Batteries Than Galaxy S22

Samsung‘s Galaxy S23 flagships may pack bigger batteries than this year’s Galaxy S22. According to the Korean media, the upcoming devices may see a five percent increase in battery capacity over the current models. Coupled with other improvements such as a more power-efficient display and processor, this increase could significantly add to the battery life.

Korean publication The Elec specifically mentions a 4,700mAh battery for the Galaxy S23+, a 200mAh increase in capacity over Galaxy S22+’s 4,500mAh power unit. But the vanilla Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23 Ua may also get bigger batteries than their respective predecessors. Or maybe not! A previous report suggested the 2023 Ua model will keep the same 5,000mAh battery as the current Ua. The vanilla model certainly needs a little more power, though. The Galaxy S22 only packs a 3,700mAh battery.

Samsung to use new battery tech in the Galaxy S23 series

Rumors are rife that Samsung will not change the shape, size, and design of the Galaxy S23 series over the Galaxy S22. The upcoming phones will look and feel the same as the current models. From the rear camera array to the overall finish, nothing will change. And it was only logical to assume that the screen size and the battery capacity will also remain unchanged. After all, these phones are already tight-packed without room for additional battery material.

However, Samsung has found a way to stuff more battery power in the new phones without affecting the overall size. The company is reportedly applying the “stackedtechnology for manufacturing Galaxy S23 batteries. It enables tighter packaging of battery components layer by layer, allowing for up to ten percent higher capacity without increasing the battery size. This technology is already in use for electric vehicle (EV) batteries and Samsung has been trying to bring it over to smaller, smartphone batteries since early this year.

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Since the technology is still new in the smartphone segment, Samsung may be playing safe and keeping the hike to under five percent. But a five percent higher battery capacity across the board wouldn’t be a mean feat when the device is of the same size as before. When you consider other upgrades, such as an improved primary camera (200MP for the Ua model), Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, and a larger and faster fingerprint scanner, the Galaxy S23 series appears a worthy successor to the Galaxy S22 even if the design remains the same.

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