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Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+ Black Friday Deals Are Live, Up To 28% Off

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ deals for Black Friday are now live. You can get discounts of up to 28-percent, and several models are available to choose from.

The Galaxy Tab S7 comes in 256GB and 512GB storage options, in several color variants. The Galaxy Tab S7+, on the other hand, is available in 128GB and 256GB options in a couple of colors.

The two Galaxy Tab S7 storage options are priced at $529.99 and $599.99, respectively. These are WiFi-only tablets, by the way. The two variants are discounted by 27% and 28%, in case you were wondering.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ variants, on the other hand, cost $699.99 and $729.99, as they’ve been discounted by 18% and 22%, respectively. There are also some bundles with accessories available, and some of those are discounted as well.

So, what’s the difference between these two tablets? Well, the main difference lays in their size. The Galaxy Tab S7 is smaller, as it includes an 11-inch display, while the “Plus” model comes with a 12.4-inch panel.

IN other words, both tablets are quite large, in the general scheme of things, but the “Plus” model is larger. The same SoC fuels both devices, while RAM count depends on what storage model you end up picking up.

The cameras are the same, as is charging speed support (up to 45W). The smaller tablet has a smaller battery, of course, as it includes an 8,000mAh unit, compared to a 10,090mAh battery inside the “Plus” model.

If you’re interested in either of these two tablets, there are two links below the article, one for each tablet. Those two will lead you to Amazon, and there you’ll be able to select storage options, colors, and whether you’d like to buy an accessory along with the tablet.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ – Amazon

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