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Garmin releases limited compatibility ECG app for smartwatches

Garmin today is releasing an official ECG app for smartwatches. A smartwatch ECG app is hardly a new thing in 2023 and Garmin certainly isn’t the first smartwatch brand to release one. But this is the first time Garmin has made one available. With this app now available, users can record their electrical heart activity to see if they find any abnormalities.

And if they find anything that may be worrying, they can send a snapshot of that information to doctors. While that might be useful to some, the ECG app is only there to alert the user to potential issues. Speaking with a medical professional is still recommended to provide a more accurate look at problems with heart health. Should there be any. You’ll find ECG apps available on a handful of other devices like the Galaxy Watch 5 series, the Fitbit Sense 2 and more. For Garmin watch owners though, options are limiting.

Garmin currently only offers the ECG app on one watch model

The arrival of the ECG app presents consumers with an overall more functional device. But those wanting this out of a smartwatch and specifically one from Garmin, are currently limited on choice. For now, Garmin is only rolling this out to owners of the Venu 2 Plus. On top of that, only to users in the US. So if you prefer Garmin for your smartwatch brand, you’ll need to go with a Venu 2 Plus.

Garmin will be updating other watches in the future to include the new app as well. And it plans to include support for smartwatches in additional countries. However, the company hasn’t confirmed any specifics with regard to timing. So the wait could be long for anyone outside the US or anyone who has or wants to go with a different model from Garmin.

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Those with a Venu 2 Plus can learn more about the ECG app and how to use it through Garmin’s official landing page for it.

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