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Get LIFX Color Smart Bulbs For As Low As $25

LIFX smart bulbs are some of the more pricey smart bulbs out there, but for Black Friday Amazon is discounting some of the LIFX products by up to 30% which is a decent deal.

There are currently four different bulbs that are in the LIFX lineup that are part of the deal pricing. There’s the 800 lumens Color A19 bulb for $25 instead of $35, the 1100 lumens version of that bulb for $35 instead of $50, the 1100 lumens BR30 bulb for $35 instead of $50, and the 1100 lumens clean A19 bulb for $42 instead of $70.

Now we’re aware that these prices are still a lot more than your standard white bulbs. But they also have more tech in them and can be controlled by smartphone apps. Which is part of the reason they initially cost more. And that’s all the more reason to consider getting them now if you’re wanting to outfit parts or all of your home with smart light bulbs. Because these sales don’t come around all the time.

The beauty is that if you don’t need more than a couple of bulbs, you’re not spending all that much. And then at that point by far the best deal is the color A19 bulb with 800 lumens. As $50 will secure you two bulbs. Perfect for lamps behind the TV or on opposite sides of the couch.

LIFX bulbs don’t require a bridge or hub. And they’re compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa. So, you can control them through the app. Or, you can turn them on and off with just your voice. And that right there is the reason to get smart bulbs. So you can lay in bed and still turn the lights off when you forget. All without having to get up.

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Also worth noting is that the color bulbs will do both white, and colors. Which means there’s no having to choose. They also support Razer Chroma for the gamers out there.

LIFX Smart Bulbs – Amazon

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