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Get new Google Assistant speaking styles to suit your taste

For a long time now, the Google Assistant speaking style on various smart devices has been growing in number. However, most users feel that depending on the language of the user, the speaking style can vary from region to region. But that idea is wrong as there are a bunch of speaking styles that are available for use on the Google Assistant feature and two new options have just been added.

Before the addition of the two new speaking styles, there were ten available options users could pick between. Having this many speaking styles allowed users to customize their experience. This will help stand out your Google Assistant from that of other users who might not be knowledgeable on how to change their speaking style.

Asides from the new Google Assistant speaking style, there are also some new additions to the voice assistant service. Part of these new features is the ability to set up voice matches for easy recognition and get personalized results. In this article, we will learn how to activate speaking style and other features on Google Assistant for your smart home devices.

Here’s how to set up the Google Assistant speaking style for your smart device

In a recent blog post, Google announced that it is rolling out new speaking styles and other features. These new additions will make the usage of Google Assistant on your smart device more interesting. Asides from setting your assistant’s voice, you can also train it to recognize your voice and give your results to your requests.

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To set up the speaking style of your Google Assistant, you need to head over to the settings page. Open your settings app and then on the search bar type ‘assistant settings’ and select the first option to pop up. On the next interface, scroll till you find the ‘Assistant voice & sounds’ option on the list.

Tap on that option, and you’d find 12 speaking styles, each having its colour code. To select the voice you want, scroll sideways between the various options and stop scrolling on your desired choice. As long as the Google Assistant on that device is linked with the Google account on all your devices, it’d automatically sync with other devices.

The new speaking style options are Lime and Indigo and they both sound great. To set up the Voice Match feature, simply select the ‘Hey Google & Voice Match’ option on the assistant settings page. From the next interface, you can retrain your voice assistant to recognize your voice whenever you say “Hey Google.”

If it can recognize your voice, it will give you more personalized responses. This might include your playlist, stored contacts, and other details that concern you. These features are here to make the everyday usage of Google Assistant more pleasant.

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