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Get one of the best PS5 SSDs for 53% off during Black Friday

Black Friday sales are underway and if you’re hoping to find a good discount on SSDs for your PS5, then you’re in luck because the Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD is on sale right now. The 2TB model with the heatsink, which is the one you want, is currently 53% off its regular listed price. That’s 2TB of extra storage for tons of games on your PS5 at less than half the cost it would normally be. That’s a steal.

Usually, the drive would cost you $299.99 ($399.99 on Amazon) direct from Samsung. Definitely worth it if you need more space for games. Because let’s be honest, the PS5 storage fills up very quickly once you have just a few big games on there. Modern Warfare II, God Of War: Ragnarok, and a couple others would take up loads of space.

During the sale, you can pick this drive up for $189.99. But that’s not your only option. The 1TB model with the heatsink is on sale too. And is now sitting at a price of $119.99 instead of $179.99. Or if you already have a heatsink, you can go with the non-heatsink model of the 980 Pro in both 2TB and 1TB options for $179.99 or $108 respectively.

In addition to these deals on NVMe SSDs, Samsung is discounting prices on internal SATA SSDs, portable SSDs, flash drives, and memory cards. Pick up a 256GB SD for just $19.99. Or grab a 256GB microSD for $29.99. Whatever your needs are for storage, Samsung has tons of great options for much cheaper than normal. But this is a Black Friday sale after all. So don’t wait too long if you want these better prices.

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You can find all the Samsung SSDs and other storage deals for Black Friday by clicking here.

Samsung SSDs and Storage Deals

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