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Google Accidentally Leaked Its New Nest Devices

Google has seemingly leaked a set of its new Nest devices, including new cameras and a new smart doorbell. Worth noting is that the devices no longer seem to be live on the Google Store.

According to The Verge though, the store briefly showed off images of at least four new leaked Nest devices. Google is going to be releasing a new set of Nest devices later this year. But so far it hasn’t made any official announcements and it hasn’t said what these devices would be.

But leaks are pretty common for popular devices, and even Google has leaked its own stuff before. So this seems par for the course.

New leaked Nest devices includes a battery-powered outdoor camera

Although the new devices seem to have been pulled from the Google Store site at this point, that didn’t stop people from getting screen grabs before then.

Those images, which you can see below, showcase that Google has plans for a Nest refresh. This won’t include all of its Nest products as some have already been refreshed with newer offerings. Like the Nest Hub which Google launched the 2nd Gen model of earlier this year.

The new devices include a battery-powered outdoor/indoor camera, a new doorbell, a new camera with a floodlight, a wired indoor Nest Cam, and some bundles that include the doorbell and cameras with a Nest Hub 2nd Gen to monitor everything on.

Though Google did leak the images, none of the prices seem to have been listed along with the pictures. So we still don’t know how much everything will cost. Having said that, prices shouldn’t be too different from current offerings. If the prices are different at all. One way you could tentatively come up with the price is by looking at the bundle.

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That is almost certainly a 2nd Gen Nest Hub in the package. Which costs $99. In comparison with the “Front Door Monitoring Package” bundle full price, which the image lists at $279.98, it’s reasonable to assume that the new doorbell may cost $180.

Since Google did seem to put things up prematurely though, this would suggest that an announcement, and perhaps a launch, is just around the corner. Perhaps someone accidentally flipped the switch just a tad too early.

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