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Google Added Wallet Toggle To Lock Screen In Android 12 Beta 2

Google is adding a Wallet toggle to lock screen with Android 12 Beta. This will simplify and expedite the process of making NFC or contactless payments.

Multiple aspects of Android have been radically overhauled with Android 12, including the Quick Settings area. In Android 12 Beta 2, the Quick Settings area gets quick access to the power button, Google Home shortcuts, and Google Pay.

Those who have already set up a payment option with Google Pay, and are using a previously unlocked device can now see a small Wallet icon on the device lock screen in Android 12 Beta 1. You can tap it to populate your contactless card payment options.

Google is adding Wallet toggle with Android 12 Beta 2

Google seems to have dumped the previously introduced Card & Passes activation method. This required pressing and holding the device’s power button.

It is still unclear why the tech giant decided to change the activation method. Nevertheless, the new icon is relatively more obvious as compared to the power button menu shortcut. There is a possibility that you might not see the Wallet shortcut despite updating to Android 12 Beta 2. But fret not.


You can manually activate this quick toggle by going to Settings, then Display, Lock screen, and finally Show wallet. Although this appears to be a minor tweak to the lock screen at first glance, it makes the Wallet more accessible in Android 12.

How to make the payment using the Wallet

First off, you need to unlock your device before making a payment. This is a mere precautionary step to ensure that your bank cards are not used to make any unauthorized payments, according to 9to5Google.

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It is also worth noting that this is also related to Google Pay’s new home within the Setting panel. On the downside, the new method doesn’t drastically speed up the process than the previous power button long-press method.

However, an average Android user is likely to find it without breaking a sweat. Google is inviting users to enroll on the Android 12 Beta.

The power button has now been assigned a new role with Android 12. You can summon the Google Assistant by long-pressing it. Moreover, Google has a power button under the Quick Settings area for faster access to the power menu on Pixel phones.

The power button is only visible when you fully expand Quick Settings. It appears in the form of a regular Power logo on the right side of the Edit and Settings buttons.

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