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Google Adds New Pixel Wallpapers To Mark International Friendship Day

Google has been adding new wallpapers called “Curated Culture” on Pixel devices to celebrate important days. Now, in a recent report by Android Police, the company is again adding new wallpapers to mark international friendship day.

For those who don’t know, International Friendship Day falls on July 30, this year, which is Friday. However, Google wants its Pixel users to get in the friendship-mood right now.

International Friendship Day is celebrated to build a bridge between people of different countries and cultures. A total of three wallpapers have been added by Google for its Pixel phone users.

These new International Friendship Day wallpapers have been designed by Laurie Rowan. These wallpapers have been assigned different names.

Notably, there are Friends on Display, Milkshakes, and Stargazing. The first wallpaper, i.e. the Friends on Display is meant to cherish friendships.

Whereas the Milkshakes wallpaper shows a couple of friends sharing a shake and roll, and the Stargazing wallpaper shows two friends sharing thoughts under the sky.

New International Friendship Day Google Pixel wallpapers can be found in the Curated Culture section

The 3 new wallpapers that Google has introduced now join the 12 other wallpapers. This includes wallpapers for Pride Month, AAPI Heritage Month, Earth Day, International Women’s Day, and Black History Month.

The thing to note here is these new wallpapers, just like the previous ones, are not optimized for the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, or Pixel 5’s front-facing hole-punch camera located in the top-left corner.

So, you might have to adjust the wallpapers while setting up, accordingly. For users who like to customize their home screen setup more often, then they will definitely like these new additions.

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Stargazing wallpaper is one of our favorites because the quality and fit are perfect. Besides, if you are rocking the Android 12 OS on your Pixel device, it will nicely compliment the pastel orange accent theme.

If you want to use these new International Friendship Day wallpapers, then you can find these new wallpapers inside the “Curated Culture” section of the Google Wallpapers app.

Here, you will also come across all the other wallpapers that Google has been adding since February this year to mark important dates.

Other brand device owners don’t feel left out. Because you can also get your hands on the new wallpapers in high-resolution from the gallery below. Meaning you can also get into the vibe of the upcoming International Friendship Day and share these new wallpapers with your friends.

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