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Google Clock On Wear OS Gets Material You Makeover

Google is still in the process of applying the Material You paint job to its apps and services. Now that most of the major smartphone apps are out of the way, the company can focus on the smaller bits. As spotted by 9To5Google, the Google Clock app on Wear OS has just gotten a remodel.

The Google Clock app on Wear OS now has a completely different aesthetic

Starting off with the alarm, instead of the flat and almost minimalist design that we’ve come to know and love, the new look adds a little depth. The first image shows that the black and blue color scheme has been replaced with a pale yellowish color.

The time is in a yellowish pill-shaped housing in the center of the screen. Above it, see how long until the alarm rings, and the day that it will. There’s also a semi-opaque circle behind the information, giving just a bit more depth than the current look.

In the second image, we see the alarm while currently ringing. The background has a blurred two-tone texture which is honestly rather pleasing. On the screen, we see the time with the snooze and dismiss commands under it.

In the last image, we see the options for when the alarm should repeat. We see the Material You traits here with the large and bubbly buttons. There’s no fancy background here, but the selected days have a slightly yellow tint to them.

Times also got a revamp

For timers, the accented elements aren’t yellow, but they’re a turquoise color. The list view of the timers will be easier to read than the current look. The timers will be larger and housed in large pills.

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When making the timers, the current version has a large circle that you rotate to set the timer. With the redesign, the hours, minutes, and seconds will all rotate vertically in a carousel fashion.

We can’t forget the stopwatch

The current stopwatch has a large circle of blue dots representing the clock. The time, reset button, and stop button are in the middle. With this new design, it looks like the circle will be solid, and will gradually fill in as time goes on. Again, the color scheme changes; this time, it’s more of a peach color.

Right now, the Google clock for Wear OS is still on the current design, and we don’t know when this update will be pushed out. Since the design is already in the app, it shouldn’t be too long of a wait. We expect that this will be available on Wear OS 2 devices, and not restricted to Samsung Smartwatches.

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