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Google Improves Auto-Echo Removal On Google Meet

Google Meet and other video chat services have been crucial these past two years, as a lot of people are still forced to work from home. This is why so many companies have been adding tons of improvements to their video chat platforms. For example, Google just improved the auto-echo removal function in Google Meet.

When it comes to talking to others over video calls, you need to be able to understand them. You have to trust that the other person is in a quiet and echo-free environment, but that doesn’t always happen. If they’re in an echoey environment, then that could make it hard or impossible to communicate with the other person.

This is why Google improved the auto-echo removal on Meet

Google sometimes adds a load of new features to Meet, but this time around, it’s just one thing. The company issued an update that will deliver improved auto-echo removal to Google Meet.

When you’re in an environment that’s prone to producing reverberations, that can be a pain in the neck for the receiving end of your speech. The audio that’s bouncing off of the walls interferes with your speech.

However, a new update to the app brings some improvements to the echo removal functionality. It will help improve the overall audio quality so that people can hear you better. It will also be auspicious if you’re trying to record your voice.

There’s a bit of bad news

As with most Google Workspace features, this update is making its way to select plans. There’s a decent number of plans that will get this update, however. It’s coming to Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning upgrade, and Frontline customers, according to Android Police.

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Others will need to upgrade to one of these plans to get the improved auto-echo removal. Those who have those plans will be able to get the update today.

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