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Google is starting the migration from Reminders to Tasks

A while back, Google announced that it was shutting down Assistant Reminders and going all in with Tasks. Though it’s been a little while since the last update, the company is now moving forward. Google has started the migration from Reminders to Tasks.

This is something that people have wanted for so long. Having Assistant Reminders and Tasks is very redundant. When you make Reminders and Tasks, they both appear on Google Calendar. Also, you can customize them in different ways. People have been pining after a more streamlined experience.

Also, each platform has a crucial feature that the other one lacks. We’re able to use your voice to create Reminders, but the interface is very non–intuitive. The interface is much better on Google Tasks, but you can’t set them with your voice. Combining these two will give us the best of both worlds.

The migration from Reminders to Tasks has begun

Google, thankfully, heard our prayers and started making some changes. The company has started migrating Assistant Reminders over to Tasks. This is going to happen in stages, as most Google Workspace rollouts do.

People using a Google Workspace account will see the change first starting today. The Reminders that they have saved with Google Assistant will be migrated over to Google Tasks. So, if you do have Reminders, and you log on to see that they’re gone, check the Google Tasks app (if you don’t have the app, click here to download it from the Play Store).

Later on during the month, people with personal Google accounts will start to see this happen. We’re not quite sure which day it will start, so just plan on your Reminders being moved over before the end of the month.

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You just need to know that, if you are the admin for an organization, you will need to set the Task service to “On” for your organization. If not, then your Tasks will not be moved over, and they will be deleted starting June 22nd.

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