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Google Meet Gains The Ability To Automatically Adjust Brightness

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, the way of carrying about daily tasks, especially for employees working from their homes, has seen a massive change.

Workers are now working from home, students are studying from home, and people are meeting and greeting their family members using video calling apps.

Taking advantage of the opportunity at hand, several big tech giants introduced video calling apps, which were essential for people working or studying from home.

Google Meet is one of the video calling apps that also gained a lot of users during this time. Often, Google is pushing new updates for Google Meet, adding more features to make it more useful.

The recent update for Google Meet adds the ability to automatically adjust the brightness of the webcam. Yes! Google Meet will make sure that everyone on the video call, be it your co-workers or friends, is properly visible to each other.

Notably, this new Google Meet feature that would automatically adjust the brightness of the webcam is available for the web version of the application.

Google Meet automatically adjust brightness for webcam feature is rolling out already

Google Meet can now detect if you or someone on a video call is underexposed due to bad lighting conditions. In such situations, Meet will automatically increase the brightness for these users.

Similarly, if someone is overlit due to harsh lighting conditions, then Google Meet will automatically decrease the brightness. This will ensure that your feed is always clearer.

According to Engadget, the feature was introduced to the Google Meet app on iOS and Android last year. The app makes use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to examine the light levels in your surroundings. Based on that, Google Meet will tweak the brightness.

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Besides, there is no admin control for this feature. Users will be able to turn this feature off if they want to manually control things. However, Google notes that enabling this feature would slow down your device.

Google Meet automatically adjust brightness for webcam feature is currently rolling out for the Rapid Release domains starting today. The Scheduled Release domain will be served with this feature starting from October 4.

Apparently, the rollout will take about 15 days to complete. So, by mid-October, everyone will be able to make clear video calls on the Google Meet web app.

This feature isn’t meant to make the feeds HQ by any means but will help users to have a clear video feed, even though they have a bad webcam

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