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Google Messages Swipe Actions Are Now Customizable

Google is making swipe actions in Messages customizable. You will be able to choose what function the swipe gesture executes. This change has been in the works since at least June this year. It is now rolling out to beta users. A public rollout on the Play Store should follow soon.

Google Messages will let you customize swipe actions

As of now, swiping on a message thread in Google Messages quickly archives it. A little “archive” icon shows up and the conversation flies off the screen in no time. This gesture works in either direction, i. e. both left to right and right to left. A “1 conversation archived” pop-up appears at the bottom of the screen along with an “Undo” button. So if you accidentally swipe on a conversation, you can quickly restore it.

However, these kinds of accidents happen too often in Google Messages, particularly if you use gesture navigation. You end up sending a conversation to the archive when trying to go back to the homescreen. Worse yet, Google recently added a navigation drawer to its messaging app and it supports a very similar swipe gesture as well.

To avoid all this confusion, Google is now letting users choose what a swiping gesture in Messages does. First reported by 9to5Google, the company is offering three options for the gesture: archive, delete, and off. Additionally, it is also allowing users to set different actions for the left and right swipes.

This change should go a long way in avoiding those accidental archives. You can turn off the gesture for the direction that you usually use to swipe to go back. The other, you can keep for archive or delete as per your preference. Perhaps you can now configure the whole swipe gesture in Google Messages the way you want. There’s a possibility that the company will add more options in the future. For reference, Gmail’s swipe gesture actions let you choose from archive, delete, mark as read/unread, move to, snooze, and none. Some additional options in Messages wouldn’t hurt.

This change is rolling out to beta users

The customizable swiping gesture in Google Messages is now rolling out to beta users with version 20220721. It should be available to the public soon. The change will arrive with an update for the app on the Google Play Store. You can click the button below to check for updates and install the latest version available to you.

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