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Google Nest Hub Screen Burn-In Issue Affecting Some Units

Google’s acquisition of Nest has led to some rather compelling products. Issues with the Google Nest Hub have arisen, however. Across the Google Home Subreddit, customers are sounding off about some bad Google Nest Hub screen burn-in.

This issue has been affecting the first generation of Google Nest Hubs

There has been a recent crop of Google Nest Hub users experiencing some bad screen burn-in on their devices. Screen burn-in is not an uncommon issue across device displays- it affects both LCD and AMOLED displays. The degree of burn-in that Nest Hub users are seeing, however, is pretty exceptional.

To clarify, these issues are affecting the first generation of Google Nest Hub smart displays. There’s no telling if this issue will affect the newest generation that just launched. There was no official statement launched by Google as to what they plan on doing about this problem.

According to Android Central, customers were advised to reset their devices, but that did not help the problem at all. It’s really unlikely that this could be a software issue. Google will need to take a look at the manufacturing process for their displays.

As the Nest Hub screen burn-in problem persists, more customers will be sounding off, hopefully prompting Google to respond. If the issue does affect the second generation, that would be very bad for the device’s reputation.

A new Google Nest Hello doorbell was recently leaked

The ensemble of Google Nest products includes some home security devices. The Google Nest Hello doorbell is a doorbell with a camera mounted on it. It monitors who’s at your porch before you go to the door. It relays the video feed to your smart Nest Hub.

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Just a few weeks ago, an image was found hidden deep in the code of the Google Home app. It showed what looked like a Google Nest Hello doorbell from the back. It looks a fair bit slimmer than the original doorbell with a USB-C charger port. It’s a large departure from the older version. The older model was pretty bulky and it used a micro-USB port.

Google has not stated anything about this device yet, but it recently announced that it will be launching a new line of smart home devices during Google I/O. This may include the new Nest Hello doorbell, along with the new line of security cameras that it spoke about in January.

The event will happen from May, 18th to May 20th. Folks excited about the event should all make sure to tune in.

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