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Google Pay Now Works On The Galaxy Watch 4

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Google Pay is probably one of the features you’re looking forward to. Unless you’re already knee deep in the Samsung Pay system.

For Google Pay users, the Galaxy Watch 4 series wouldn’t be supported at launch. Sure enough, the launch came and went. No functioning Google Pay support. While it did pop recently on the Play Store as an installable app on the watch, the app was never usable. All it would do when you tried to set up a card was kick back an error message.

Sometime over the last few days, that changed. As Google and Samsung seem to have flipped the switch on this functionality.

Google Pay is now up and running on the Galaxy Watch 4

I’m not sure exactly when, but within the last few days something clicked. This morning I was able to set up Google Pay on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Completing the process by adding a card. Which prompted me to finish the process on the phone.

It’s at this step where the app was hitting a snag. But upon setup this morning everything finally went through. There’s been no chance for testing yet. But using Google Pay over Samsung Pay for mobile payments shouldn’t be an issue here.

And if you set the double press on the home button launch Google Pay, things are even simpler. Because you can get to the card screen in a flash if you need to.

The app could be rolling out in stages

It isn’t clear how widespread the availability is. But if you have the watch in either version, you can give installing Google Pay a shot and see if lets you finish setup. If it’s not quite working, you should end up with some sort of error when you try to add a card.

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If you don’t see any of that, then you’re likely good to go. It’s also possible that this started rolling out a little earlier than just a few days ago. Either way, you have a new method for paying at checkout using this watch.

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