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Google Photos Text Labels For In-App Editing Tools Are Here

Google Photos text labels for in-app editing tools are popping up in Google Photos. Google Photos has undergone a lot of changes over the years. It has had good changes like getting new video editing features and some bad ones like losing unlimited storage.

According to 9to5Google, the change is not major, but more of a quality of life change. Now it is easier to recognize and find tools you are looking for while editing photos. The new text labels will help clear up confusion surrounding what icon activates what while editing.

The changes according to Android Police are rolling out to Android users who have the new v5.34 of Google Photos. Of course, as with any rollout of a feature, not everyone is seeing the new change just yet.

The fact that not everybody has the new labels popping up probably means that it will be a staggered rollout. The new labels will definitely be helpful for Android users who may not be as techy as others. These new labels should make it easier for anybody who is just now getting their first smartphone, or who is switching over from another mobile platform.

Google Photos text labels will tell you what those icons mean

Speaking of another platform, the changes have not popped up in the iOS version of Google Photos as of yet. So for any iOS users out there, you will have to suffer not having icons with labels telling you what they are.

For those of you who have received the new changes, you will see text labels underneath the share, edit, lens, and delete icons. Honestly, share, edit, and delete icons are self-explanatory. However, not everybody knows what the Lens icon means. So having a label for that will definitely help clear up some confusion.

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Of course, no functionality is changed. This is just a visual change to make the display of the icons look better. The new change may look cluttered to some users as the labels seemed squeezed right under the icons.

As far as changes go this new one is nowhere near as shocking as others. Google must have some graphic designers who are bored because other apps have received some new visual overhauls as well. If Google continues to change the visuals in subtle ways everything should be fine.

Of course, if you open your Google Photos app and do not see the new labels do not worry. The change may not be available for everyone just yet, and it doesn’t affect any functionality. It just makes things a bit easier to read.

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