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Google Pixel 6 Series Display Resolutions, Selfie Flash & More

Yesterday we learned that the Google Pixel 6 Pro / XL will probably arrive with a 5x “ua tele” camera. Well, some additional Google Pixel 6 series information just surfaced, including display resolutions, selfie flash info, and so on.

This information is based on the Google Camera app found in the Android Beta 3 build. The latest Android 12 build comes with Google Camera v8.3, in case you were wondering.

Google Pixel 6 series display resolutions, camera info, and more

9to5Google was able to deduce that the Pixel 6 will offer fullHD+ resolution, while the Pixel 6 Pro will have a resolution of just over 1440p. The regular Pixel 6’s selfie camera will be located 540 pixels from the left edge, while the Pixel 6 Pro’s will sit 722 pixels from the left. Which is what led the source to the display resolution conclusion.

The Pixel 6 will have a smaller display camera hole than the Pixel 5, 55 vs 65 pixel diameter. The Pixel 6 Pro / XL, on the other hand, will offer a slightly larger hole, 70 vs 65 pixel diameter.

The source was also able to figure out that the Pixel 6 Pro / XLwill be able to record selfie videos in 4K resolution. It has a special “p21_front_setup”, based on the Google Camera app.

It is even hinted that a proper front-facing flash LED could be a part of the package. The Pixel 6 may have a “front torch”, no matter how unlikely that sounds. We’re still a bit skeptical when it comes to this, but we’ll see.

The two devices will also bring an improved video recording zoom to the table

The Google Pixel 6 series will also bring an improved zoom to the table, when shooting videos. It will, allegedly offer up to 7x zoom while recording at 60 frames per second. That’s a considerable improvement over the Pixel 5, which allowed for up to 3x zoom at 60 fps, or 5x zoom at 30 fps.

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What’s even more interesting is that Google’s Super Res Zoom may not be enabled on the Pixel 6 series. That feature uses machine learning to fill in missing details in photos for phones that don’t have a telephoto lens. This does make sense considering the camera hardware upgrades the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro / XL will bring to the table.

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