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Google Pixel 6 XL To Include 5X “Ua Tele” Camera

One of the cameras on the Google Pixel 6 XL aka Pro will be a 5x “ua tele” camera, it seems. This information comes from Google’s very own Camera app, actually. XDA Developers spotted a hint for it in the Google Camera v8.3.252.

New Google Camera version hints at 5x “ua tele” camera for the Pixel 6 XL

This version of Google’s Camera app actually comes with Android 12 Beta 3, which launched recently. It does come with Android 12’s dynamic theming system, but it hides more than that, it seems.

The source did some digging around the APK of that app, and found some evidence that the Pixel 6 XL aka Pro will use a 5x zoom “ua tele” camera.

A new line has been discovered in the apk, it has the id “zoom_toggle_uatele” and the text “5x”. This is a rather obvious hint that we may see a 5x zoom “ua tele” camera on the device.

As if that’s not enough, some references to the new “uatele” zoom toggle were spotted. It was also discovered that the real optical zoom level of that camera may be 4.3x. Some details regarding the ua-wide camera were also spotted. The real zoom of that camera will be 0.615x, compared to 0.670x on the Pixel 4a 5G and 5.

Both of Google’s flagships will arrive in September or October, along with two more devices

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro aka XL are expected to arrive in either September or October. The company’s first foldable smartphone is also rumored to arrive at that time, along with the Pixel Watch.

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We believed that the Pixel 6 Pro will be the name of the larger Pixel phone, but it seems like Google may opt for the ‘XL’ naming after all. Some references to the ‘Pixel 6 XL’ were spotted recently.

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will ship with Google’s very first processor. The Pixel 6 won’t exactly be much smaller than the 6 Pro, only barely, and it will include a flat display. Both of them will be flagship-grade, though.

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