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Google Pixel Handset With Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner Is Coming

A while back, a rumor suggested that the Google Pixel 6 will include an under-display fingerprint scanner. Well, some more proof just surfaced. The recently-released Android 12 Developer Preview 2 suggested that a Google Pixel handset with an under-display fingerprint scanner is coming.

Upcoming Google Pixel handset will probably feature an under-display fingerprint scanner, code suggests

This info has been spotted by kdrag0n, as he was going through the code. He spotted several new classes in the SystemUIGoogle app. One of those classes is “UdfpsControllerGoogle”, and the “Udfps” part refers to “under-display fingerprint scanner”.

Now, similar indications did appear in the first developer preview, but at that time, everyone thought the code was just for generic Udfps support in AOSP. Well, that’s not the case this time around.

These new Udfps classes are actually a part of the path, not the What does that mean? Well, those classes are developed for Google’s Pixel devices, not for AOSP.

The Pixel 6 will probably be the first Google device to utilize the sensor

Therefore, it suggests that at least one upcoming Google Pixel smartphone will feature an under-display fingerprint scanner, and the Pixel 6 comes to mind, of course. The Google Pixel 5a will arrive sooner, but that handset will sport a rear-facing fingerprint scanner.

This is not definitive evidence, as XDA mentions, of course. It is a good indication that it will happen, however. Such changes in the code are excellent indications of what new features we can expect.

It is worth noting that Google still did not release a single smartphone with an under-display fingerprint scanner. Its entire 2020 lineup features a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. That’s not exactly a bad thing, but Google is expected to make that change at some point.

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The Google Pixel 6 handset(s) seems to be the right time to do that. Under-display fingerprint scanners have improved immensely over the years, and are actually really good at this point in time. Many companies use them for a good reason.

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