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Google Releases Pixel 6 Series Update In Lieu Of Delayed August Patch

Google has started rolling out a new fix for its Pixel 6 series, following reports that it would delay the August security patch update. Specifically, that’s for the Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a. At the very least, that’s the case based on recent reports detailing the incoming change.

In terms of the latter rollout, there’s a more solid timeframe for that, as well. The August 5 2022 Android Security Patch will reportedly roll out within the “coming weeks,” according to the company. The update will apply to all supported Pixel-branded devices, including the Pixel 6 series noted above.

The security patch will fix a number of known bugs but won’t necessarily deliver any big features. That’s hardly surprising, however, since September is just around the corner and is the expected launch month for Android 13.

What’s in the impending Pixel 6 series update, for those who haven’t seen it yet?

The arrival of an update for many users of the Pixel 6 series may, in fact, have already arrived. It’s been rolling out as of a few days ago. But updates also generally take some time, so many other users may not see it just yet. Especially since the rollout applies not only to unlocked gadgets. But also to gadgets purchased through each individual carrier. So it will be rolled out in phases or waves.

As indicated on the release changelog, the changes are also fairly minute. So most users likely aren’t going to notice a difference.

Google says that this “additional update” delivers a fix for the underpinnings of navigation. Namely, GPS. Applying a fix for an error that caused GPS to fail “under certain circumstances.”

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Unfortunately, for users of the Pixel 6a from Google, the changes don’t address a day one issue that many users are facing on the security front. The handset has, in some cases, been shown to unlock with any fingerprint at all. Even those that aren’t registered to the device for authentication.

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