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Google Says It’s Not Shutting Down Stadia This Summer

Stadia isn’t shutting down. That’s the official word from the Stadia Twitter account following a rumor from last week that Google’s cloud gaming service would be shutting down by the end of the Summer.

The rumor comes from a Facebook post that made claims of Google “beginning their exit plan.” Citing an old friend who “is now a regional manager at Google” sharing the details after a seminar held in California a couple of weekends back. That rumor was then shared by the Killed By Google Twitter, which routinely keeps track of all of Google’s now defunct services.

The rumor caused concern with some Stadia fans. And prompted one to ask the official Stadia Twitter if there was any truth to the claims. The Stadia team responded by saying there were no plans for a shutdown.

Stadia isn’t shutting down, in fact it’s adding even more games

While the concern for Stadia going away is understandable, one really only needs to look to upcoming games to realize this isn’t in Google’s plans. Despite the rumor stating Google would kill off Stadia by the end of the Summer, it’s already announced numerous games coming to the platform after that date. One example is Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world pirate game Skull and Bones. Which releases on November 8 of this year for Stadia, consoles, and PC.

It’s also currently up for pre-order on Stadia right now. November 8 is after the claimed shutdown date. And it’s highly unlikely Google would announce the release of upcoming games if it had plans to kill the Stadia service a couple of months down the road. Let alone continue allowing people to pre-order the title at full price.

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Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have confirmation from the Stadia team either. All that being said, this whole thing also just goes to show how worried some of Stadia’s users are about the service’s departure. If a rumor like this one can stir up those fears, then maybe the Stadia team needs to do a better job at convincing its users that Stadia isn’t going anywhere.

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