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Google Secretly Reveals Pixel 6 Launch Date… Possibly

Google has shared some new Pixel 6 content on Instagram. In addition to sharing the very first Pixel 6 video ad, the company also shared an image on Instagram which possibly reveals the launch date of the two phones.

Google may have revealed the Pixel 6 launch date via Instagram

Now, do note that Google did not specifically mention the launch date, or anything of the sort. However, the image that the company shared, which shows off parts of Android 12 on the device, also highlights a rather interesting date.

You’ll notice that the dates on the clock widgets highlight Tuesday the 19th. Surprise, surprise, that all lines up next month, as Tuesday is 19th of October. If you consider that a reliable source reported that both phones will go on sale on October 28… it all makes sense.

Do note that we’re not 100-percent sure, of course. Google could just be trolling us, but this is a possibility. The two phones will land next month, almost certainly. Google did say they’re coming in the fall, and everything points to it.

This time around, the company is bringing its Pixel lineup back to the premium tier. Following some mid-range devices that Google announced, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will bring something else entirely.

Both devices will offer premium design that stands out

The two phones will offer a premium design, which is also flashy in a way. Google opted for a completely different approach this time around, instead of opting for an understated design.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will look quite similar, but the latter will include a curved display, and thinner bezels. It will also include an extra camera on the back, so it will differ in the design department, at least a little bit.

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These two phones will debut Google’s ‘Tensor’ SoC, its very first mobile SoC. These two phones will also be the first to ship with Android 12, a brand new version of Google’s OS.

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