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Google Shows Pixel Watch & A Bunch Of Watch Faces In New Video

Google has published a new 1-minute Pixel Watch video on YouTube, which actually provides us with a ton of information. This video will not only give you a closer look at the phone, but it will also show you a ton of watch faces.

Google shows off the Pixel Watch in a video, and also its watch faces

The name of this video is ‘The Design of Google Pixel Watch’, and it’s embedded below the article. Now, there are a number of people wearing the watch in this video, so you’ll also be able to get an idea of the Pixel Watch size.

Google shows us the stainless steel black and rose gold watch cases here, in addition to the Hazel Lemongrass (yellow/green), Chalk (white/beige), Charcoal (gray), and Obsidian watch bands.

Let’s get to the watch faces, shall we? Google actually goes through seven watch faces in this video. You can see all seven of them in the gallery below this paragraph.

You’ll see a combination of analog and digital watch faces here. There is an analog watch face with shapes for hour markets, and a very simple digital watch face, for example. There are also those with complications slots aka small widgets on them.

This watch will feature a really simplistic design

The Pixel Watch will feature a very simple design. It will have a lot of curves, and two buttons on the right-hand side. The button that you can obviously see will act as a rotating crown as well, the other one is hidden underneath. The watch will be a bit thicker than you think, and also smaller.

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What’s unfortunate is that this smartwatch will have proprietary watch band connectors. It is actually going the Apple route with this. The vast majority of smartwatches in the market have universal connectors.

Google will announce the Pixel Watch on October 6, along with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro handsets. The Pixel Watch won’t ship to consumers until early November, though, based on reports.

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