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Google Stadia Loses Its Head Of Product

Google Stadia has reportedly lost its Head Of Product John Justice. While that doesn’t exactly spell doom and gloom for the platform, much like other high-profile changes it’s sure to get the rumor mills churning and start discussions.

Earlier this year it was announced that Google would be shutting down Stadia Games & Entertainment. The company’s own in-house studio that was dedicated to pumping out first-party exclusive game titles. Around the same time it also lost Jade Raymond, the President of that studio.

Both of those changes sparked many questions for Stadia fans and users. So it seems the same is likely to happen here.

Google confirms Stadia Head of Product John Justice departure

Initially it wasn’t clear if the report about John Justice leaving Google was accurate. But according to 9To5Google a spokesperson has confirmed that Justice is no longer with the company.

Alongside the title of Head Of Product, Justice was also the VP of Stadia. Which means in just a few short months, Stadia has lost both its VP, as well as the President of its now shuttered internal studio. Primarily John Justice was responsible for leading the consumer experience side of the service.

This included discussions about upcoming new features. Which would end up in Google’s ‘Stadia Connect’ videos. Although Google hasn’t actually discussed upcoming features since last year. A big reason being that it was promising features for Stadia wouldn’t show up until much later.

Stadia had a fairly rocky start when it launched back in November of 2019. Due in large part to the amount of features and games that released well after their promised launch dates.

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Stadia continues to forge ahead

Despite losing some key members of the team, Stadia is continuing to improve in numerous ways. Roughly every week or every other week, Stadia announces a new crop of games that are either being released or will be released.

In 2021 alone, Stadia is expected to get a total of 100 new game titles. Some of which have already made their way into player libraries.

It’s also continuing to build out more features to add quality of life to the overall platform. Like the search bar which it just introduced to the web. As well as better management of Stadia capture content. It still lacks at least one feature that subscribers have been waiting on though. Party chat on Android. Something which could  prove useful to those who prefer Android as their device of choice for accessing Stadia content.

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