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Google Starts Pixel Foldable Display Production In October, Reports Suggest

It seems that Google wants to jump into the wagon of foldable phones and add a foldable Pixel to its lineup. According to 9to5google, Pixel’s foldable display production will start in October, and it would be an OLED panel.

In 2020 and through some leaked documents, we heard Google is working on a foldable Pixel device. Again in February, some sources reported that Google is working on launching its foldable device this year.

Also, some videos of the foldable Pixel concept leaked that showed its gorgeous design. But as we are getting closer to the end of 2021, Google’s foldable phone gets closer to launch either.

Apparently, Samsung is responsible for producing these panels for Google. However, other companies like Vivo and Xiaomi may decide to use these kinds of panels as well.

There isn’t still much information about foldable Google Pixel, but its design may be identical to Galaxy Z Fold 2. The device also features a 7.6-inch display.

Pixel Fold arrive in late 2021

Of course, it’s not surprising that Samsung wants to produce panels for Google because it has a long-lasting history in producing foldable panels for different devices.

Anyway, maybe we can guess the release data of foldable Pixel according to the production date. Google used to introduce its new phones in early October. Obviously, the company’s foldable device won’t arrive at this time as the production has just started. But the Q4 2021 is the most probable time for unveiling foldable Google Pixel alongside the Pixel 6.

Moreover, Ross Young, a display analyst on Twitter, spotted the launch time of Pixel Fold. According to his recent tweet, the Pixel Fold arrives at the end of 2021.

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So Google has enough time to work on its foldable phone to make it a perfect product.

A rollable Pixel may be on the way

The idea of a foldable device seems pretty close to the launch, but what about a rollable phone? Another user on Twitter has given some clues about a rollable device by Google.

Though this kind of panel isn’t available in the consumer smartphone market yet, maybe Google is warming up to unveil a Pixel phone will a rollable display in the next few years.

For 2021, a foldable Pixel is our least expectation from Google, and the company seems to be ready to embrace it. So for the coming months, it’s better to keep our eyes on more leaks and announcements regarding foldable Google Pixel.

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