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Google Working On Dynamic Shortcuts & Quick Phrases For Its Assistant

Google is planning to release quick phrases and dynamic shortcuts for its Assistant. These features are found at the latest update for Google App. In recent months, Google has been developing and releasing many features for its virtual assistant

For digging into these features, let’s have a flashback to April when we reported that Google is planning to ditch that conventional “Hey Google” and bring voice shortcuts. At the time, it was added to the menu for some users, and users could use it as an alternative way for things like snoozing an alarm or answering a call.

Anyway, it seems that Google is preparing for the public release of quick phrases. The internal codename for the feature was “guacamole,” and now XDA founding proves guacamole is a name for referring to quick phrases.

Dynamic shortcuts are coming for enrich the user experience

Moreover, the next feature is dynamic shortcuts that Google will use for giving specific recommendations based on previous experiences. The Google App is preparing to host the feature. According to the found strings, dynamic shortcuts are “related to what you’re typing and can be based on interactions with apps on your device.”

Of course, Google assistant dynamic shortcuts aren’t something new, and their launch time is back to Android Nougat. At the time, developers could use these dynamic shortcuts to create specific, context-sensitive actions in the app. Now, they are coming to Google Assistant to create a better user experience.

Google is constantly updating its Assistant by adding new features and updating previous ones. This will allow Google Assistant to take the initiative and make itself more integrated into the user’s life. Currently, over 500 million users around the world are using Google Assistant.

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Google knows that virtual assistants are a core feature for the upcoming devices, and other companies will have huge investments for developing similar apps. So it is trying to keep its app updated all the time. Google Assistant has to compete with rivals like Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby.

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