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Handheld: The GPD Win 3 is a game console with sliding display

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The tiny Windows-10-PC reminds of the time before Smartphones and the Nintendo Switch at the same time. It is equipped with Tiger-Lake CPU.

The Win 3 will be GPD’s next handheld console with Windows 10.
(Picture: GPD/Mounting:

GPD starts the crowdfunding campaign for GPD Win 3 in January 2021. This is a handheld device with integrated joysticks and action buttons for various games on the go. The device therefore reminds of Nintendo’s console switch. However, the Win 3’s display can be pushed up, which brings a tiny keyboard to light. Thus, the device looks a bit like concepts from PDAs – like the Sony Vaio UX380N, which was sold in 2007 even before the smartphone era.

The Chinese Portal Weixin has revealed some data of the handheld The Win 3 uses about a 5.5 inch touch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, on which the pre-installed Windows 10 can be operated. The joysticks can be pressed in, as with other consoles. There are also four shoulder triggers on the upper side. Together with four action buttons and a control pad, most games optimized for Xbox One and Playstation 4 should work with them.

The device uses a Core i7-1165G7 of the current Tiger-Lake series from Intel The CPU comes with the Intel Iris-Xe-GPU, which also accelerates various games surprisingly fast in initial tests. Accordingly, the chip should be well suited for consoles like Win 3. The device also has 16 GByte DDR4 memory and an NVMe-SSD available. The SoC is actively cooled by a fan.

GPD Win 3 (Picture: GPD)
Thunderbolt 4 for external GPU

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Thunderbolt 4 via USB-C port and a micro SD card reader are to be installed. Via the Thunderbolt interface the Win 3 will also be loaded, which will also be possible with the help of a docking station. External GPU cases should also be compatible with it. An Internet connection will be established via Wi-Fi 6 module.

The keyboard of the handheld does not integrate a row of F keys, but has enough space for arrow keys. Individual keys are arranged in an even matrix, so typing on the small device might be a bit of a change. The chassis is about the size of a Nintendo Switch Lite, which measures 21 x 9 cm

It is not yet clear how much the Win 3 will cost. Interested parties should wait until the Indiegogo campaign starts in January. The predecessor GPD Win 2 will cost about 800 Euro, but comes in a more traditional clamshell case, as it is also common for notebooks.

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