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HBO MAX With Ads Will Launch In June For $10 Per Month

WarnerMedia is set to launch its ad-supported HBO MAX service in June, and today it has announced the price point it is eyeing. It’ll likely cost $9.99 per month when it does launch in June.

That’s not a huge discount, to have to put up with ads, considering HBO MAX is $14.99. So that’s about a third off of its ad-free price.

HBO has already amassed around 44.2 million subscribers. And with the addition of this cheaper ad-supported plan, we could see those numbers jump quite a bit this summer.

This would be the first time HBO has had ads

HBO has never had ads. Even from the time it first launched, decades ago. HBO Has always been ad-free, even when it was just another channel in your cable subscription. So seeing ads on HBO is going to be a bit interesting. However, WarnerMedia has said that the ads will be before and after each episode or movie you watch. And not in the middle of episodes and movies. Which means you are likely getting less ads than you might see on Peacock, YouTube or elsewhere.

And if WarnerMedia keeps it to just before and after episodes, the ad-supported experience may not be too difficult to deal with. Leading many to decide to save some cash and get the cheaper HBO MAX tier, over paying $15 per month. Since HBO MAX is one of the most expensive streaming services on the market right now.

Additionally, HBO MAX has said that it only plans to add ads to content that is exclusive to the service. So that’s original content only. Anything that is licensed from other studios won’t see any ads. Which also limits how many ads that a user would see. Especially while WarnerMedia is starting to build out its original content on the service.

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