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Here’s a quick fix to the laggy Pixel 6 and 7 fingerprint scanner

The Pixel 6 and 7 fingerprint scanner’s slow response has been one of the major issues plaguing users. Most users argue that this scanner is slow, not responsive, a bit laggy, and not always reliable. This comes as a result of the slower response time the more recent Pixel devices (6 and 7 series) take in comparison with other devices.

On the Pixel 6 and 7 series, the company made a switch to using optic under-display fingerprint scanners. The Pixel 5 series and other devices before it came with rear-mounted fingerprint scanners. Despite being out of fashion, the rear-mounted fingerprint scanners are arguably a bit more reliable than the new optical under-display scanners.

But is there a fix to the laggy Pixel 6 and 7 fingerprint scanner’s slow response time? Maybe a software update will help, but Google doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with the scanner’s response time. So instead of waiting on Google for a fix, here is something you can do before making use of the fingerprint scanner.

Wiping your finger on your nose or oily hair might fix the lag of the Pixel 6 and 7 fingerprint scanner

A Reddit user recently took to his page to share a quick fix that works for him when unlocking his Pixel device. The fix he shares is very simple and doesn’t need any form of technical know-how to perform. All a Pixel user needs to do is take quick action before making use of the fingerprint scanner on the 6 or 7 series device.

You might already be wondering what this action is and how it helps to make the fingerprint scanner more responsive. Well, a Reddit user by the name, No-Fondant-8757, found that wiping his finger on his nose helps. This should be done before you try unlocking your Pixel device with the optical under-display fingerprint scanner.

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According to the user, the brief delay often came after swimming, taking a shower, or just washing his hands. These actions make his fingertips too dry, hence moving him over to the screen lock PIN interface after attempting to use the fingerprint unlock feature. So making the tip of his finger oily by wiping it against his nose made the fingerprint unlock feature work a bit faster.

Some other users of the Reddit platform also agree with No-Fondant-8757 on this matter. The oil residues on your nose will help make your fingers less dry for the Pixel 6 and 7 fingerprint scanner to function properly. Wiping your fingertip across your oily hair or applying a bit of body oil products to your fingertip might also help.

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