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Here’s How You Can Get 1 Year Of Paramount Plus For Only $30

To celebrate the launch of Paramount Plus, ViacomCBS is offering a pretty slick deal for those that are looking to sign up for the annual plan at a cheap price. You can currently get it for just $30, saving you 50% off of the regular price. That works out to less than $3 per month, which is an incredible deal.

To get this deal, click here and then make sure to use the promo code YEAR at checkout.

This promo code works on the ad-free and ad-supported plans too. So if you want to go ad-free, it’ll cost you $45 per year, instead of $90.

Paramount Plus is the rebranded version of CBS All Access, which now includes a lot more ViacomCBS content as well. However, there’s not a whole lot of BET content available on Paramount Plus. And that is because it has its own streaming service – BET Plus. And most of its content is exclusive to BET Plus.

With Paramount Plus, you’re getting access to a ton of older shows that CBS and Viacom networks have had in the past. As well as a bunch of new original series. There’s also all of the movies that were produced by Paramount. Unless they are currently licensed out to other streaming services right now.

You also get live channels like your local CBS affiliate, CBS Sports Network, CBS News, and ET Live. So you can watch plenty of live content. This also includes live sports thanks to CBS and CBS Sports Network. So you’ll find the NFL games starting this fall when the football season starts up again. But you’ll still only see the games that are airing on your local CBS network.

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You can sign up for Paramount Plus by clicking here. Remember to use the promo code YEAR at checkout and to sign up for an annual plan. This code does not work on the monthly plan.

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