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Here’s What The Green Pixel Buds A Actually Look Like

The Pixel Buds A were leaked not too long ago, reportedly coming in green and white. And now thanks to an email that it seems Google accidentally sent out to customers a little early, you can actually see what the green Pixel Buds A actually look like.

9To5Google appears to have received one of these emails and in it, was an image or two of the upcoming true wireless earbuds. The Pixel Buds A are suspected to be a more affordable version of the 2nd Gen Pixel Buds Google launched in 2020.

Since Google has not officially announced these earbuds yet, there’s still some unknowns. Such as the price. But it’s highly likely that the “A” in the name does the same thing as it does for Google’s Pixel A series smartphones. Which is to indicate that it’s part of a less expensive lineup.

That could also mean that these new earbuds will miss out on a feature or two. Just like the Pixel 4a missed out on the Motion Sense feature of the Pixel 4.

The green Pixel Buds A still come with a white case

The images are rather small, so while you can make the earbuds out, you don’t get extreme details. You do however get enough detail to make out specifics about them.

For example, the inside of the case is a darker green. The earbuds also match this color. As was suspected. It’s also said that the charging indicator light has been moved to the top of the case. Other than that it appears the earbuds don’t look any different from the currently available model. Save for the colors of course.

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Expect to see these marketing materials popping up soon

Since these were marketing materials that were intended to be on display, it may not be long before consumers start seeing them more often. And intentionally.

These were almost certainly images that were made public earlier than Google had intended. But Google is suspected to be revealing the Pixel Buds A in the near future. So the marketing is due to show up around that time too.

Even still, if you liked the idea of a green pair of Pixel Buds, now you know what the color officially looks like. Google is suspected to announce the Pixel Buds A alongside the Pixel 5a. The upcoming, less expensive version of the Pixel 5 that Google could be announcing in June.

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