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Here’s Where You Can Buy The Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation)

The second-generation Nest Hub is now available for purchase at a number of retailers for just $99. Which makes it even cheaper than the original Nest Hub was at launch (which was $129).

The new Nest Hub offers a bunch of great features for those that are looking to pick it up. The biggest change to the second-generation Nest Hub is definitely the sleeping features. The Nest Hub will monitor your sleep and tell you everything about your sleep. Like how often you coughed throughout the night. How well you slept and much more.

Of course, the Nest Hub still offers all of the usual features that you’d expect from a smart display with the Google Assistant. This includes being able to use it as a hub for controlling your smart home. Or playing music from YouTube Music, Spotify and other services on it. And much more. Basically anything that the Google Assistant can do on your phone, can be done on the Nest Hub.

Where can I buy the Nest Hub?

The Nest Hub is available at most retailers. The only real missing retailer here is Amazon. Which is not a huge surprise. Seeing as Amazon and Google have made up a little bit, but most Nest devices are not available from Amazon. They may come to Amazon later on, but they aren’t available at launch.

But you can buy the Nest Hub (2nd generation) from B&H Photo, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Google Store, Crutchfield, Home Depot and Adorama. So there’s plenty of options for buying the Nest Hub.

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If you’re looking to get your hands on the Nest Hub today, Best Buy, Walmart and Target have it available in store. The Home Depot may have it in store, but that depends on your location (in my area, it is not in store). However, remember that the in-store models are going to be limited to chalk and charcoal colors. The Mist and Sand models won’t be in-store but will arrive within a couple of days.

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