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HONOR May Announce An 8-Inch Foldable With A BOE Display

It’s not exactly a secret that HONOR is planning to release a foldable smartphone. Several reports hinted at that happening, while HONOR trademarked some names hinting at foldable devices. Well, the latest one claims that the first HONOR foldable smartphone will feature an 8-inch display provided by BOE.

The first HONOR foldable smartphone may feature an 8-inch display

This information comes from Digital Chat Station, a well-known tipster. He claims that the main display on the device will be an 8-inch one, while the secondary one will measure 6.5 inches in diagonal.

BOE will be providing at least the main display, and for those of you who don’t know, BOE is the largest display manufacturer in China. This sure sounds like a competitor for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3, Xiaomi Mi Fold, and so on. Depending on what specs it will bring, of course, but the form factor will likely be similar.

This handset will come with Google services, as HONOR is no longer owned by Huawei. HONOR confirmed that its upcoming phones will feature Google services, so don’t fret.

The company also announced a press event for August 12. Now, the HONOR Magic 3 is expected to arrive during that event, but this foldable smartphone could also make an appearance.

The Snapdragon 888 Plus will likely fuel this device

We still do not know if the company’s foldable handset will feature high-end specs or not. Chances are HONOR will utilize either the Snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 888 Plus inside of this phone, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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HONOR did confirm that its upcoming Magic 3 series of devices will be fueled by the Snapdragon 888 Plus, and this foldable will likely be called the HONOR Magic Fold, based on the company’s trademarks. So, the Snapdragon 888 Plus is a viable option.

While the company’s first foldable smartphone may arrive on August 12, do note that it may not happen. HONOR may be planning to announce it later on, but some reports did say August is the month it will launch, so… who knows.

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