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How to change your Gmail name and why you’d want to

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

If you’ve had your Gmail address for a very long time, perhaps as long ago as 2004 when the first invitations went out, then you may need to update your name on it eventually. Perhaps you’re getting married and changing your surname, or perhaps you’re about to inherit the crown of some obscure European kingdom, requiring you to add “Princess” to your name. Whatever your reason, the question then becomes how to change your Gmail name. Is it even possible?

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You can’t change the actual email address. That part is set in stone. However, what you can change is the name that appears when an email from you arrives in someone’s inbox. To do this, access the Gmail account on a desktop, go to Accounts in Settings, and click edit info. You can then change the sender name under Send mail as.

How to change your Gmail name

Unfortunately, for those with an embarrassing Gmail address that you desperately want rid of, there’s no way to change the username of the address. If the username mortifies you that much (backstreetboys4ever), then you need to set up a new Gmail address and begin transferring all your emails over. But if it’s a matter of a simple name change in the From: section of an email, then that’s easy to do.

Start by accessing the Gmail account on a desktop computer (no mobile possibility here, unfortunately). Then in the Accounts section of the Settings, scroll down till you see the Send mail as: section. You will likely only have the one Gmail address listed there, or you may have others there too if you’ve connected them. Click edit info for the one you want to change.

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When the yellow box pops up on the screen, you can change your From: name to whatever you want. Then click Save Changes.

Obviously, once you’ve been overthrown from your throne, and you’re a mere commoner again, you can go back into Gmail and change your name back. Nothing is forever.

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