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How To Create A Google Assistant Checklist

Let’s face it, we can all be fairly forgetful when it comes to things that we need to get done. Even if it is a list of things that we do everyday when we get up in the morning or before heading to bed. Thankfully, the Google Assistant is here to help us. You can create a checklist with the Google Assistant that can go off every day. so you won’t need to worry about missing out on anything again.

These checklists are part of the “Family Bell” feature that Google introduced fairly recently. Since launching this feature, Google has added additional checklist options that you can use. So you’re not just stuck with a good morning or good night checklist. There’s even a cleaning checklist that you can use.

But this is going to be very good for those that have kids and need them to do a number of chores before leaving for school. Or even for yourself, if you’re forgetful and forget to do things like walk the dog, feed the dog, and so forth.

Here’s how you can create a Google Assistant checklist.

How To Create A Google Assistant Checklist

To get started, open the Google Home app on your smartphone (works on both Android and iOS).

Next, tap on your profile picture in the upper-right hand corner.

From there, tap on Assistant Settings.

Now scroll down to the “Family Bell” setting and tap on that. It’ll be towards the bottom.

Now, you will want to scroll down to the “Family Bell Step-By-Step” cards. And Select “Add” for any of the checklists you see below. The first row will be the “Good Morning” and “It’s almost Bedtime!” checklists. These were the original ones, but since launching this feature, Google has added more. Including one to start your day, one for breakfast, one for cleaning, just to name a few.

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On this next page, you can select your announcement message (it has to be under 80 characters). As well as the time, and the days it repeats on. This means that you can use it for the weekends, or weekdays, or a couple of days a week.

Now, you’re going to select the smart speakers that you want the checklist to appear on. This can appear on multiple smart displays in your home if you have more than one.

Finally, you will add things to your checklist. Like Make your Bed, Brush your Teeth, Get Dressed, Take the Dog Out, etc.

Once you have added everything to the list that you want to add, tap on the blue “Create new bell” button at the bottom.

Now, when the bell goes off at whatever time you set it for, it will appear on your smart display. You’ll be greeted with the announcement message, and if you are using a smart display, you can tap items off to complete them. If you’re using a smart speaker, you can use your voice to tell the Google Assistant that you’ve completed the task. Obviously, this is a bit easier with a smart display.

But that’s it. That’s how you make daily checklists with Google Assistant. This can be very useful for those that are forgetful, or have kids.

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