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How To Find The Creation Date Of Your Gmail Or Google Account

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


The short answer is, no. Google doesn’t list the account creation date somewhere for your convenience. The Google help pages themselves admit the only two “methods” are to look for the welcome email in Gmail or check your POP and IMAP settings. Both of these are not foolproof if you have neither. Plus, if you’re locked out of your account already, checking these needs to be a proactive measure.


Look for the “Welcome to Gmail” email

When you set up your Google account, Gmail is automatically made at the same time. The first email you will receive will be a welcome email from Google. Check the date you received that email, and that will be the date the account was set up.

But honestly, how many people still have that email? Google assumes you’ll never delete a single email ever. But if you’re a neat freak like me, you would never keep emails stretching back years. My first email in my account, which I’ve had since 2004, dates back six months.

Check your POP and IMAP settings

If you can’t lay your hands on the Gmail welcome email, the next step is to check the Gmail POP and IMAP settings.

Google thinks that perhaps, when you set up your account, you immediately set up POP or IMAP to redirect mail from that account to another account. So assuming you haven’t changed those settings since (the weak spot right there), you can get the date from your Gmail POP and IMAP settings.

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