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How To Stop Moving A Song At A Time & Combine Entire Spotify Playlists

Spotify is easily one of the best and also one of the most popular music streaming services. And that’s not just because it allows users to create their own playlists among a myriad of other features found in competing apps. You can also combine entire playlists in Spotify, rather than moving a single song at a time.

It is worth noting, too, that this process will actually work on both mobile platforms such as Android or iOS and on desktop platforms. So whatever platform you happen to be using Spotify on, you don’t have to move individual songs to combine playlists. Or, at the very least, not one at a time. Although it is also a possibility, using the three-dot overflow menu on any single song in a playlist, that’s a hassle.

So let’s take a look at how you can combine entire playlists in Spotify via the web.

Here’s how to combine entire playlists on Spotify

Now, you may actually want to combine just a part of a playlist, and that’s going to be easier to accomplish in the desktop app. So we’ll discuss that in that segment of this guide below — just as with any other of our how-to guides. In fact, that’s going to be effectively the only way to do that. Unless you want to potentially spend hours moving songs one at a time. But let’s start by taking a look at how to combine entire playlists.

Combine entire playlists on Spotify on your smartphone — or a Chromebook

  1. Open up the Spotify app on your mobile device, Chromebook, or tablet — install the app first if you haven’t already
  2. Once the app opens, use the bottom bar UI to navigate to the “Library” page, as shown in our sample images below
  3. Near the top of the page, select the “Playlists” pill-shaped button
  4. Now, select the playlist you’d like to combine with other playlists in Spotify
  5. In the playlist menu, at the top of the page, select the three-dot overflow menu icon
  6. Next, select “Add to another playlist”
  7. On the resulting page, you can either select another playlist to add all of the songs to or you can, as shown in our sample images, tap to create an entirely new playlist from the Spotify playlists you want to combine
  8. Name your new playlist
  9. Spotify will redirect you to the new playlist’s page. Select the back arrow to go back to all of your playlists
  10. Select another playlist to combine — we’ve selected a “Faves” playlist
  11. Tap the three-dot icon on the playlist’s main page, as shown in the samples below
  12. Select “Add to another playlist”
  13. Choose your newly created playlist — ours is called “Combined” in the images below
  14. The playlists will now be combined. You may choose to repeat the steps to add further playlists to the new one

…or on desktop

As a precursor, if you already have the Spotify desktop app installed, you can skip steps 1 through 5 here. Starting instead at step 6

  1. Open up your favorite browser and navigate to
  2. At the top right-hand side of the page, select the “Download” option
  3. On the resulting page, select the “Download” button, then select a save location when asked
  4. Once downloaded, either navigate to that file location and open the Install file — or use the browser UI to launch the install file, as shown in our images below
  5. Follow the setup wizard to finalize the installation and then log into Spotify after it launches
  6. Once the Spotify app is open and you’ve signed in, you may choose to select the first of the playlists to combine in Spotify. You can do so from the left-hand sidebar. Or you can navigate to “Your Library” in the sidebar and then click the playlist you’d like to combine first — we’ll be creating a new Playlist called “Combined 2” for this example. We’ve shown both locations in the images below
  7. Once the playlist is opened up, you have two options
    1. Press “Ctrl+A” on Windows or “Command+A” on Mac, then right-click on the highlighted songs
    2. Press “Ctrl+A” on Windows or “Command+A” on Mac. Then, while still holding the “Ctrl” or “Command” key, select any songs you don’t want to add to remove them then from the highlighted selection. Then right-click on the highlighted songs
  8. In the resulting context menu, you may select a playlist to add all of your highlighted songs to or you may choose to add them to a new playlist, as we’ve done for this guide. If you choose the former option, you may skip steps 9 through 11, here
  9. Spotify will automatically name the new playlist after your first highlighted song. So, in our sample images, it’s been titled “Chop Suey!” Select the new playlist, whatever it’s called, from the left-hand sidebar
  10. In the Playlist, select the three-dot menu, then choose “Edit details”
  11. In the resulting window, enter a new name in the “Name” field — we’ve chosen “Combined 2” in our sample images, then enter a description. Finally, tap or otherwise select the “Save” button to put your changes in place
  12.  Select the second playlist you’d like to add to your new playlist
  13. Repeat steps 7 and 8, to select and add the desired song to the playlist, this time adding them to your newly renamed playlist, as shown in our images below
  14. These steps can be repeated as often as needed until all of your desired entire — or partial — playlists are combined in Spotify

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