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How To Take A Screenshot On The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Taking a screenshot on the Galaxy Watch 4 is a lot easier than you might think. And yet I struggled with figuring it out for about 5 minutes before finally nailing down the process. If you’re like me and sometimes can’t figure out the simplest of tasks, not to worry. Because we’ve put together a little guide that shows you how to take a screenshot on your Galaxy Watch 4.

Why would you want to take screenshots on your Galaxy Watch 4? That’s the question for the ages right? Well, perhaps you’re a developer and you need them for some reason. Then again if you’re a developer you might already know how to do this.

Maybe you’re a user and you need to send screenshots as part of a bug report. Whatever the case may be, you can find out how to complete this rather easy task right here.

Taking a screenshot on the Galaxy Watch 4

For starters, your smartwatch obviously has to be powered on and set up. If you’re just getting your Galaxy Watch 4 and haven’t completed the setup yet, finish that and you’re well on your way.

Since the setup includes connecting it to a smartphone the first time around, you’ll be all set to not only take the screenshots, but grab them later on. Also worth noting is that you don’t have to have the watch connected to your phone to take a screenshot.

But you’re going to want to connect it at some point. Because you’ll need it connected for the screenshots to be available for you to share.

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Press the home and back button simultaneously

This is the one and only step in taking a screenshot on your Galaxy Watch 4. Easy right? Worth noting is that you only need to quickly press the two buttons at the same time. You don’t need to hold them down for a second like you do on your Android smartphone.

Holding down both buttons will only lead to you either activating Samsung Pay or bringing up the power menu where you can turn off the watch. Now that you know how to take screenshots, where do you find them? That’s rather easy too.

Grabbing your Galaxy Watch 4 screenshots

To get to your screenshots, all you have to do is open your Google Photos app on your smartphone. Since the Galaxy Watch 4 runs on Wear OS 3, any screenshots you take on it are automatically sent to your Google Photos account. Which is just the same Google account that you have connected to the watch.

What’s more, is that they won’t be listed in some screenshots folder. They should be visible right on the main photos tab of the app. Listed under the day they were taken. So if you’re grabbing them the same day, they should be right near the top.

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