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Incompatibilities: Apple’s 29W power supply cannot power Magsafe Duo

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Apple has a 29-watt charging power supply in its range, but to the annoyance of many users it cannot be operated on the Magsafe Duo charger.

Magsafe Duo
(Image: Apple)

Apples 29 Watt power supply with USB-C does not work with the new Magsafe Duo charging station. This is not due to insufficient power, but to a lack of communication.

As reported by Appleinsider, on a support page becomes Magsafe Duo Charger the following: “Use the supplied USB C to Lightning cable to connect your Magsafe Duo Charger to a recommended Apple USB C power adapter* of 20 watts (W) or more or a compatible third-party USB C adapter. You can also connect to a USB-C port on a Mac or PC.”

The decisive thing is to be found behind the asterisk in a tiny footnote: Apple’s 29W USB-C power adapter is not compatible with the Magsafe Duo Charger.

The reason: The new charger for iPhone 12 and Apple Watch requires USB Power Delivery 3.0. The 29 W charger does not have it – it is from 2018.

Apple also has a version with 30 Watt in the range, which supports PD 3.0 and is therefore compatible with the new charger. Of course, power supplies from other suppliers can also be used with PD 3.0 to power the small charging station.

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