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Instagram Testing New “Favorites” Feature As A Solution For Your Messy Feed

Instagram is the go-to application for most people who simply want to scroll through other people’s feeds. There are posts that may actually be of interest to you.

However, since millions of posts are added every second, you might need to scroll through a sea of posts in order to get to the ones you care for most.

This is annoying because of two main reasons. First, you have to spend a good amount of time to get to the post that you like the most on your feed.

Second, by endlessly scrolling just to get to your favorite post, you may forget what you were looking for in the first place. Thankfully, Instagram is working on a solution for this.

According to a new report by The Verge, Instagram will soon add a new feature called “Favorites”. Here, users will be able to categorize and prioritize important Instagram accounts.

This will ensure all new posts from these important Instagram accounts will land first on their feed. Making it easier to take a look at what you care about most on Instagram.

Instagram was testing a similar ‘Favorites’ feature back in 2017

As per a tweet shared by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, the new feature would be helpful for those who just don’t want to go through multiple posts on their feed, just to get to the ones they care about.

Not only this will save time, but it will give a much cleaner experience to the users who open Instagram only to check something important related to their interest.

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This feature is similar to the one Instagram was testing back in 2017. Surprisingly, it was also called ‘Favorites’, which allowed you to limit the audience for each post.

For example, you could share your birthday photos with designated favorites, like the members of your family there on Instagram. The 2021-iteration of the Instagram Favorites feature adds more granular control.

Using this feature, you would be telling Instagram which accounts are more important to you. It is obviously a case with many where, although they follow hundreds of celebs, or influencers (so-called), they would want posts from their family and friends to pop up on their feeds first.

As of now, there is no clarity as to when Facebook will release this feature for Instagram. In fact, there is no knowledge whether this Instagram Favorites feature will see the light of the day or not. It is under internal testing and is still under development.

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